Monday, September 30, 2013

My Timex Ironman leaked!!

Had a nice dip in the Arabian sea and when I was  walking back to the shore I glanced at my trusty Ironman timex .. The screen was blank !!!. I couldn't  believe it . Back home I opened the back cover and discovered that the o-ring was slightly misaligned . I took one strap off , took the machine out of its casing , cleaned the inner casing , placed the machine back , aligned the o-ring , screwed the back cover on to the casing and attached the strap to the casing . 

You will need a precision kit ( small screwdrivers) to service this watch.

  • 1) take one strap off : carefully press the pin release with a screwdriver and slide the pin out of the groove. Gently pull the strap in one direction .
  • 2) Unscrew the metal cover
  • 3) Align the o-ring in it's groove and keep it aligned while closing the back cover
  • 4) close the back cover and tighten  alternate (opposite) screws . 
  • 5) make sure all screws are tightened properly
The battery can be easily replaced by unhooking the battery cover gently from its plastic hooks using a pin . The case once opened needs to be very carefully reassembled to avoid losing the water resist. Silicone sealant is recommended but I didn't have any  so I sealed it just by cleaning the rubber o-ring . 

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